Grand Technical and Social Challenges
in HRI

5th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, March 2-5 2010, Osaka
Robots are now a part of people's social lives - and increasingly will be. In the coming years, robots may become caregivers for the elderly, reading tutors for our children, medical assistants, childcare workers or psychological counselors. Robots can become our workers in factories and offices or housekeepers in our homes. They can become our friends. As we move toward creating our future with robots, difficult questions arise about the interaction between humans and robots, both technically and socially. The fifth annual HRI conference aims to address the key technical and social challenges in this area - and talk about their integration. The HRI conference is a highly selective annual conference that aims to present the best research on human-robot interaction from the fields of robotics, psychology, cognitive science, HCI, human factors, artificial intelligence, organizational behavior, anthropology, and many other areas. We encourage broad participation.
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