CFP: Video Session

We invite videos related to all aspects of HRI. This is a peer-reviewed session: besides the importance of the lessons learned and the novelty of the situation, the entertainment value will be judged. The videos will be published in the conference proceedings and archived in the ACM Digital Library.

Guidelines and Requirements

  • Videos should be self explanatory. There will be no live narration or introduction.
  • As this is peer-reviewed and archival, the chairs strongly discourage videos which contain advertisements or are heavily promotional in nature.
  • No revisions will be accepted. Submit the final version.
  • Videos should not exceed 3 minutes in length. We recommend titles and credits last less than 3 seconds each.
  • The video cannot exceed 30MB (upload capped).
  • The video should play on standard PC and Macintosh computers with no 3rd party codecs added. Use Windows .avi,, or .mp4.
  • Do not use DRM.
  • Start the filename with the lead author’s last name.
  • The videos will be played on a projected screen. Therefore, please use a horizontal resolution of at least 640 pixels. If you can use a higher resolution and still stay under the MB cap, please do so.
  • If accepted, ACM requires video authors to sign a release. Copyright remains with author but 3rd party material must have verified copyright. Therefore, copyrighted media (music, video, etc) should not be included unless permission has been obtained. Authors are responsible for obtaining such permission.

Submission instructions
Submitting a video to the HRI 2010 Video Session is a two part process.

  1. Upload video: Use the upload method on to submit your movie. Please make sure the workspace below reports a successful upload.
  2. Email details to the chairs: Send the following in a plain text email to . This content will be included in the ACM Digital Library with the video.
    • Video title
    • Author 1, Affliation and email address
    • Author n, Affliation and email address
    • 350 word abstract

    For example:

    • A Happy Robot
    • Aaron Steinfeld, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University,
    • This video shows a robot which is happy when surrounded by friendly people. It becomes sad when everyone leaves.

The submission deadline is December 15st, 2009!

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